Our Businesses

We operate state-of-the-art trading & manufacturing facilities, providing an integrated solution for the diverse fresh food needs of customers in the UAE

Barakat Vegetables & Fruits Co is the Trading arm of the Barakat Group sourcing the best of fresh from over 53 countries with best-in-class quality and reliability

Barakat Vegetables & Fruits Co

Barakat Quality Plus is the Manufacturing arm of the Barakat Group manufacturing freshly squeezed juices, cut & sanitized fruits & vegetables and hot kitchen items

Barakat Quality Plus

We Embrace Diversity

A desire to lead when others follow. A passion to make a positive impact in all we do. A dream to create the ultimate customer experience.


State of the Art Facilities




Refrigerated Vehicles


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Board of Directors

Our Board is collectively responsible for our long-term success, and for ensuring that the Group is led within a framework of effective controls.

Our Board

Our Products

Extensive portfolio of nature’s finest produce, with no additives/preservatives. Anything F&B wants to save time & cost

Our Products