Barakat Vegetables & Fruits Co is the Trading arm of the Barakat Group delivering fresh produce distribution. BVF Co has been the market leader in the constantly growing UAE hospitality sector for four decades and continues to import the widest variety of fresh produce from around the world, with operating branches in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Our experienced Procurement team meticulously scour the world for the finest produce from the best sources. The fresh produce is then shipped to our state-of-the-art facilities in UAE – the newest being an 80,000 square foot storage, ripening and distribution facility in Nadd Al Hamar, Dubai. This enables BVF Co. to cater to versatile customer base across retail supermarkets, hospitality, catering, cafes & restaurants, e-commerce and owned-and-operated retail shops

Upon receiving the produce, our highly qualified Quality Assurance & Control team test each batch for conformity with our standards. The approved batches are stored at an appropriate temperature in custom-built chillers for optimal freshness. The produce is then distributed to customers in our fleet of 350+ well maintained, temperature-controlled vehicles. Once deliveries have been completed, the vehicles are cleaned in our custom-built washing facility while used crates are sanitized in our crate washing machines

All Barakat Vegetables & Fruits facilities have ‘A’ grade certification from the Dubai Municipality and are ISO 22000 & HACCP certified

Our Products

Barakat Vegetables & Fruits Co imports fruits and vegetables from over 53 countries around the world by air and sea and by road from neighboring countries, in addition to locally sourcing hydroponic produce from the UAE. The variety of produce sourced includes citrus fruits from South Africa, carrots from Australia, melons from Brazil and kiwis from Italy

Specialty Products

Cresses, Herbs & Edible Flowers

Indian Range

Baby Vegetables

Shop Specialty Fresh Produce

Quality & Freshness

Receiving Quality Check

Colour, ripeness, maturity, shape

Brix level of the fruit

Pre-sorting & Inspection

Dispatch checks

Quantity/quality of the produce

Our Businesses

We operate state-of-the-art trading & manufacturing facilities, providing an integrated solution for the diverse fresh food needs of customers in the UAE

Our Businesses

Barakat Quality Plus

Manufacturing arm of the Barakat Group manufacturing freshly squeezed juices, cut & sanitized fruits & vegetables and hot kitchen items

Barakat Quality Plus