Dubai, United Arab Emirates, November 2021: Barakat, the UAE’s trusted brand for fresh juices, and the leading supplier for healthy juices, fruits, and vegetables, have launched three limited-edition bottles of their best-selling orange juice, designed by local artists.

In celebration of the UAE’s 50th National Day, the innovative team at Barakat collaborated/worked with three local artists to design limited-edition bottles, available from the 25th of November to the 6th of December. The first artist, Nasiim Rezapour, is a talented graphic designer and illustrator born & raised in the UAE, Tarsila Schubert is a Brazilian-born street artist that has launched her own gallery in the UAE, and Abdulla Lutfi is an Emirati artist of determination. The gifted artists have developed a fresh look to convey the freedom, sense of belonging and trendy lifestyle that the UAE offers its citizens.

Over the last 45 years, Barakat has grown and developed along with the incredible transformation of the UAE, which is reflected in the  creative packaging design inspired by the UAE’s ‘blessings,’ resonating with individuals and residents who call this country home.

The name Barakat means ‘blessing’ in Arabic, which truly reflects the opportunities for growth that the nation has enabled as well asthe advancements that the UAE has achieved in the span of 50 years and will continue to do so for generations to come. Barakat hopes to prosper alongside its nation and continue to develop fresh products of the finest quality and ingredients.

Barakat, has been serving the best of fresh since 1976, delivering freshly squeezed juices made from fresh fruits and vegetables that are juiced daily and contain no additives or preservatives and have a shelf life of 3 days . The limited-edition orange juice is available across supermarkets in the UAE or online at It is also available on daily/weekly subscription on Noon Daily.

About Barakat:

Established in 1976, Barakat is a leading producer and supplier of a diverse range of fresh produce as well as manufactured fresh food and beverages to premium hotels, cafés and restaurants, retailers, and major catering companies in the UAE. With two state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, 350 refrigerated vehicles, multiple distribution centres across the UAE and 1500+ passionate employees, Barakat has decades of experience in sustaining the vibrant international and local sourcing and distribution network for high quality fresh produce from the best farms within the UAE and across the world.

Barakat’s products are available across all of the leading hypermarkets and supermarkets, convenience stores as well as online at the brand’s own fresh eCommerce platform, the Barakat app. The brand also has a retail footprint in key locations across the UAE.

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